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Forum FAQ
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#1 Posted : Wednesday, March 16, 2011 5:28:48 AM(UTC)

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Forum FAQ

Q. Who can post messages and read them?
A. Anybody can register to get a free account on our forum and start posting messages as soon as registration is confirmed with email. That prevents spammers to easily get to our forum and start posting inappropriate messages.

Q. Is registration free?
A. Yes, the registration is absolutely free. You just need to provide your real email address to confirm the registration.

Q. How can I add my own contact info that I'd like to be shown after my postings?
A. If you go to Your Profile => Edit Profile, you will find the link called Signature. You can add any information about yourself to this text box. It should be added right after every posting that you send to the forum. You don't need to sign every message, it will be automatically done.

Q. Can we post images or some other documents to the forum?
A. Yes you can. Just keep in mind that as soon as you posted your document it becomes available to the entire Internet. Please do not post any private documents or the documents that you don't want to be freely shared on the Internet.

Q. Can we post images or video fragments located on other sites using links?
A. Yes you can. You can add the URL to your posting. The forum will recognize it and when the user clicks this link it will be opened in a new browser window.

Q. Can I receive automatic email notices informing me about new posting to the forums that I like?
A. Of course you can. If you receive too many messages you can easily correct or completely disable it.

Q. Do I need to register and get account on the forum?
A. You don't need to register to read the most of the sub-forums. But you need to consider the following. 1) Some of the sub-forums remain visible only to the registered forum participants. 2) It is very convenient to be registered to get automatic updates if the content of the sub-forum that you are interested in was updated. 3) You will be able to start your own topic or to post the answer to the existing topics, take part in a discussion, etc. 4) Most fo the photos and attachments are accessible for Guests, but if you didn't login you cannot see some of the attachments like beautiful photos presented by our forum members. But in order to login you first need to register on the forum. The registration is absolutely free. So you'd better consider it to get unrestricted access and use this forum like all other partifipants.

Q. We want to post our photos and video, but not sure how.
A. You can post any external links if they are not harmful and don't have advertisement. You can also upload your photos together with your posting if you check the checkbox below called "Attach files to this post". The maximum size of attached files is currently set to 10 MB. This limit can be increased when required but for most situations it's more than enough to keep it this way.

Below are a few examples how to include the external links to your postings.

If you want to include videos from youtube.com you can add a short link to your video between special tags:



If you include the video using the these special tags it will be embedded into your posting. You can get the required link if you open youtube page and then click the Share button below your video. The link that you will need to copy should appear below the button that you clicked.

Q. We want to use different colors and text centering, but not sure how.
A. You can use usual html tags with [] instead of <>. For example:

[color=Blue][b]Your Text[/b][/color]

Your Text


[center][color=Green][b]Your Text[/b][/color][/center]

Your Text

Q. How can we embed the image?
A. Use the example code below:

Tonto Natural Bridge


[size=6][b]Tonto Natural Bridge[/b][/size]

Q. I registered more than once because I forgot my original login and found that it's much easier to create a new account than to recover the first one. But is there any way to retrieve all my logins that I created?
A. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly at Admin@EyePlusLens.com and send a list of your possible logins, maybe some fragments of your logins to let us retrieve the whole list and send it to you. You can try these logins one by one and if they are yours you will be able to recover and reset your password using your email that you assigned to these logins. In the worst case if this login belongs to another user, then this user, not you, will receive email with the password reminder. So it's safe for the users even if you try to use somebody else's login.

Q. I cannot watch any videos posted to the forum. Why?
A. First you should check if you can watch videos on youtube.com web site. If you can watch videos on youtube, then you should be able to watch videos on our forum.

If this is still an issue please make sure that your browser has the flash player installed and this plug-in is enabled. You can try to install a newer version of Adobe Flash Player from here: Flashplayer/Downloads or here: Flashplayer

Q. How can I modify my signature on the forum?
A. Here are couple examples. You can use either one, just modify it for your needs:

My Name


Q. Are you supporting languages other than English?
A. We are currently supporting only English language.

Although the forum supports a lot of different languages, we cannot allow all of them simply because we cannot read and control the content of these postings made in other languages. We are absolutely sure that you don't want to waste your time reading spam messages or the messages having inappropriate content. It will be very unattractive for the forum readers. That's why we made this decision. Although if we find people who could support other languages we could add this functionality as well.

Q. We would like to publish a large article, but the forum does not let us do that. Why?
A. You cannot publish an article longer than 256000 bytes. This is the current limit. If you need to publish a longer article you can send us email to Admin@EyePlusLens.com and ask to increase this limit explaining why. It's pretty easy to make this correction for you.

Here is another problem although, that you can get into while typing a long article on the forum. This problem is called Session Timeout. It's recommended to type your long articles in your favorite word editor, say, Microsoft Word, then copy and paste the whole text to the forum editor and publish. In this case you will be able to use a Win Word built-in spell-checker, which is more powerful than the online spell-checker.

If you keep typing for a very long time you can reach the session timeout you are probably about to lose the whole content of your article. Instead of publishing your article the forum will ask you to login because your session was ended on the server side. If that happened please click the Backspace button on your keyboard, in most cases you will find the text that you just typed in, select the whole text with your mouse or click inside the editor window and Press Ctrl-A. Then Copy the whole text into Windows clipboard by using Ctrl-Insert, Ctrl-C or by clicking the right mouse button and selecting the Copy item from the drop-down list. Open your text editor and paste your text by clicking Shift-Insert, Ctrl-V or using the right mouse button. After you restored and saved your text you can safely login and publish your article on the forum.
Nikon D7000 + Nikkor 18-300mm VRII
DSh Offline
#2 Posted : Sunday, June 26, 2011 11:25:13 AM(UTC)
Dmitri Shvetsov

Rank: Administration

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Location: USA

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Added a new feature - Googlemaps - on June 26, 2011.

From now on you can add a real map of any location to your posting. We hope it will be a very convenient. Here is the example. As you can see you can open the Google maps, find your location, get the [b]LINK[b/] using the button at the right top size of the page right above the map, copy this URL and then paste it to your posting. Finally you can add the BBCode around your link or simply select the link in your posting and use the drop down list at the top right size above the editor frame to automatically add the required code. You can also correct the width and height of the map frame using this trick below:


And, of course, you can scroll and resize the map. It is absolutely real!

Let us know if you have any questions.
DSh. MyFootTalk.com
Nikon D7000 + AF-S Nikkor DX 18-300mm, VRII.
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